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Future Plans

When we first started to create WhenToPlant.com we quickly found that we were in a bit over our heads. The website needed to be launched within weeks, but the amount of programing necessary would require months. We decided to release the website in stages, allowing us to test and revise along the development path while still making the lastest completed website capabilities available to all the users.

This is our general plan, so you can see where we are at and how far we've come. Please contact us if you have any input or want to help write for the site!

  • Initial Release. Getting everything started.
    • 1.1. Add little content, debug system, repeat.
    • 1.2. Make changes to core system to accommodate results from 1.1.
    • 1.3. Intergrate Social Media. (Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter)
    • 1.4. Improve design, readability, organization, clean and comment all code.
      • 1.4.4. Fine tune design and presentation.
    • 1.6. Contact Universities or existing businesses to help develop site content. (Contact Us)
    • 1.8. Improve the sales system, maybe start our own online store. We'll deal with this when we get to it.
  • Ver 2. User Intergration: Login, Dashboard, Account Settings, ways for users to interact, etc.
    • 2.1. After the basic login funcality is in place we'll intergrate a forum style system, starting with conversations on specific plants.
    • 2.2. Build CRUD for user profiles.
    • 2.3. Comment system intergrated for all content.
    • 2.4. Open market - for users to find new seeds or plants from other users and trade for them.
    • 2.5. Other Ideas.
  • Ver 3. Revise & Plan for next major phase
  • Ver 4. Let's see where the wind takes us!

After the website is functional and revenue comes in we will be persuing a number of worth causes. Fighting hunger, starting community gardens, and distributing food. More information will be posted as it becomes available.